Monday, February 6, 2017

Does the flat earth exists? Get The ANSWER!

Does the flat earth exists? Get The ANSWER!

Well, a few months ago I laughed very much when I found that in the world exists people who still believe the earth is flat. I tried a few searches on Google just to see what kind of people have that archaic believes and a big surprise met me: there are millions. More over, among them are many scientists...

And so, two big question signs had appeared for me:
- why so many scientists people?
- however, what are their "flat earth" arguments?

So, I started to search their arguments, and I was surprised by almost each of them. Many arguments are very solid argumented, the same way as the most popular physics theories are known in schools.

Waw, WTF are these?... I said for several times. It can't be true!

More over, if you search on the internet solid argumented informations about the flat earth theory, you will find that you can find so many informations that any idiot can understand that he have to investigate by himself, from his own point of view, the (i)reality of this theory.

The final answer for question: does the flat earth exists?
I learned politics in college, and I liked very much that each political doctrine has a very well argumented philosophy, so well organised and persuasive, that you'll agree and believe each doctrine is the best until you start to read a new one. And so on: when you finish to read the capitalism doctrine, you'll be convinced it's the best political doctrine. So will happen with the liberalism, radicalism, democracy, and even with the communism doctrine.

The reality is that each political doctrine is a collection of similar points of view, and all arguments are concentrated around the main ideas promoted by each political dogma. They promote and manipulates the facts to sustain a limited "reality/truth". No political doctrine can represent all reality/"truth": just parts of it.

So, related to the answer about flat earth theory: do you consider it would be fair from my side, to try to convince you that the earth is flat or round? I learned and considered as absolute truth many things in my life, then late I realised that I lost a lot for not questioning a little each truth I learned.

My answer about flat earth theory:
You never know what is the absolute truth, what is 100% real about any event or fact. A little bit of information can totally change your thoughts about the truth...

So, I found informations:
- that in the past some human societies considered that the earth has a square shape... Later other societies considered the earth is flat. And a few centuries ago that the earth has a round shape. Who knows what other truths will come after tens of years or centuries...

- that you find more very well argumented informations about the existence of flat earth than round earth;

- that both theories (about global earth and flat earth) are sustained by some arguments that can't be scientifically infirmed, and by some arguments that are nullifying each other;

- that both (flat and global earth) maps were successfully used in scientific and military expeditions (including WW2);

- that the United Nations logo is a flat earth (and a lot of  many other mind blowing facts)...

The DIY answer about flat earth:
Just start searching, reading and questioning the info you'll find! Don't be a lazy sheep!...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why Trump punches China in nose (Taiwan)

Why Trump punches China in the nose (Taiwan)

OK, let's talk globally about Trump and Hillary (not just on this particular fact with Taiwan). Choosing between Trump and Hillary, for the US and the most probable all world, was like choosing between the Devil and the Hell. Hillary would mean at least a regional nuclear war in next months or years, while Trump means the corporation hegemony against (the most) people on the planet. But related to a nuclear war, at least Trump is an unknown posibility, not a certain one like Hillary. This is the primary reason for, the most US people voted for Trump (actually, voting for Trump is like voting against [nuclear war] Hillary).

Now, related to this particular fact (Taiwan), it's normal that this "move" to be against the old US diplomacy in relation with China, but on the other side, this new situation is a new way of negotiation with China, because it creates tensions very fast. It's very probable for these tensions to escalade very fast in next future, maybe so high that it will put US and China on the same balance if we bring in attention the South China Sea conflict...

That "move" isn't strange for diplomacy and it's more specific for the business area when you want to get concessions...

In the worst case scenario, what Trump did could maximum escalade after months or years into a regional war between China and Taiwan, even if I tend to believe there the Chinese diplomacy will try to "occupy" the Taiwan in not a too far way than did Russia with Crimeea. And guess what can happen then: more US military presence in South China Sea,  also, the most probable from allies like NATO, South Korea and Japan, economic sanctions against China, etc.

Anyway, if the events will go so far to a similar scenario, then both sides (US & China) will win: China get's Taiwan and US the domination of South China Sea (commerce routes). I would say US will get a lot more advantages for long term, in their attempt to stop the China's economic growth and the consolidation of its economical and political relations with other countries that have maritime routes via South China Sea.

The next challenges for US will be to restrain the diplomacy between China and Russia, and to prevent the EU countries to create strong economic relations with Russia, because if the Eurasia will become a developed economic union, then the US has all chances to become an isolated area, and (US) will be forced to strengthen more the relations with Canada, Mexico and the most probable with the most countries from the South American continent.

Maybe we are the witnesses of a new world reshape...